Dr. Lee is a Professor and Director of the Combustion and Fire Engineering Laboratory (CFEL) in the Incheon National University. His research focuses on combustion and propulsion problems in gas turbine systems. He has more than 12 years of experience in both academia and industry on a number of joint government and industry projects to develop the next-generation, ultra-low emissions, high efficiency, high reliability, fuel flexible gas turbine combustors for both land-based power generation and aircraft propulsion applications. His research interests also include the development of various laser-based optical diagnostic techniques and sensors with applications to combustion/propulsion systems, the combustion instability control, combustion performance test, and the reliable combustion of new fuels such as coal derived synthetic gas, dimethyl ether and synthetic natural gas. He has been collaborating with many major gas turbine/aircraft industries such as MHI, DHI, Samsung Techwin, Vitzurotech and etc. Recently, he received a KEPCO-sponsored grant in 2015 to do research on design for combustion diagnostic issues in conjunction with KEPRI and KESERI as industrial partners.


PhD, 2011.03 - 2014.02, Seoul National University

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

(Thesis Title: An Experimental Study on the High-frequency Multi-mode Combustion Instability and NOX Emission Characteristics of H2/CO/CH4 Syngas in a Gas Turbine Combustor)

M.S., 2003.03 - 2005.02, KAIST

Mechanical Engineering

(Thesis Title: An Experimental Study on the Combustion Instabilities in a Model Gas Turbine Combustor)

B.S., 1997.03 - 2003.02, Pusan National University

Mechanical Engineering


Gas Turbine Combustion and Combustion Instability

- Laser diagnostics and flame visualization (LIF, PIV etc.)

- Combustion tuning and optimization

- New fuel application (syngas, DME, LCVs, biogas, IGCC etc.)

Advanced Measurement Technology

- Dynamic pressure: piezoelectric sensing and tuning

- Temperature: ultrasonic wave based measurement, FBG etc.

- High speed image based quantification

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Planing for Industry

- Safety diagnostics (hazordous materials, high pressure/toxic gases)

- Risk Assessment

- Master plan to improve HSE level for industries such as Korea Electric Power Corporation)

Fire Engineering Test

- Mass Loss Rate of burning item

- Heat Release Rate, Smoke, CO, CO2 Production Rate

- Cone Calorimeter, Single Burning Item, Dust Explosion